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5 roulette systems. 2 gaming platforms. Totally Automated.

Roulette Assault is the absolute best roulette system available. Simply download the software and start blasting casino chips into your pocket.

  • No scripting required
  • No prior knowledge of the game needed
  • Yes! Runs out of the box!
  • Yes! 100% free, no obligations 48 hour trial!
    Sleeper System 6 Point Divisor Double Dozens Progressive Singles El Bandido Ruleta

    Be prepared to be blown away by the enormous power of the Roulette Assault Betting Software.

    Roulette Assault is the most impressive and versatile roulette software on the market. It is completely customizable, easy to use, and performs right out of the box.

    Roulette Assault has features that NO other roulette betting software has even come close to, but we are sure that our industry leading techinques will eventually be copied anyways.

    What is Roulette Assault?

    Roulette Assault is a group of roulette systems designed to help you win at roulette. It has a variety of strategies and techniques built into it to help facilitate this. Each system built into the software is fully automated, but can also be played manually.

    Roulette Assault automation currently works on 4 online casino gaming platforms. These include these casinos and the following:

    • Playtech
    • Vegas Technology
    • iGaming
    • Realtime Gaming

    With the exception of Playtech, all the other gaming platforms accept US players, and the iGaming software allows for free spins. A free spin is when the software allows you to spin the roulette wheel without placing a bet, and is especially useful when looking for trends. Playtech casinos also have a free spin on the roulette wheel.

    Roulette Assault makes winning at roulette a no-brainer. It is so easy that anyone who has never played roulette can begin winning right away.

    You can either use this roulette system with or without automation. If you have a casino that isn't supported by Roulette Assault, you simply don't have to set up any automation profiles.

    Most available roulette systems (software or ebooks) are limited to only one type of system. This is a serious flaw as casino software can learn and adjust to the bettor's habits. This is why there are 5 roulette systems in Roulette Assault.

    You can easily just dive in, grab your winnings, switch it up, and grab some more!

    With Roulette Assault, it is placing your bets, spinning the wheel, and evaluating everything that needs to be done. When it has won enough and it is time to quit, it quits. That's when you quit. Simple as that. There are a variety of settings you can use to determine when Roulette Assault should quit.

    There are several reasons why Roulette Assault is the best roulette system on the market.

    First, it is software, so there is zero room for human error.

    Second, some of the systems are quite complex, so there is no room for confusion.

    Lastly, if you automate the whole process, then all you need to do is sit back and watch the cash roll in!

    Roulette Assault is an easy to use, completely automated, totally customizable roulette betting software.

    Roulette Assault Explained

    Set Up Playtech

    Set Up Realtime Gaming

    More Casinos


    "I'm winning and winning and winning and winning."

    I just want to say thank you and that the software works like magic.

    I'm winning and winning and winning and winning. My question is, is there a limit to how much you should win a day, week, month, etc. so that you're still under the radar by online casinos?

    RA: No, just remember to make an occassional withdrawl.

    Is winning too much bad? The software works like a charm but I'm worried if I win too much then I'll start being banned from casinos. Have you heard anything like that? Thanks again.

    Florida, USA

    RA: Winning too much is never bad, and if the casino refuses to pay you, then you have every right to post at many of the online casino watchdog websites and make sure the whole world knows that they didn't pay you. Nobody likes a rogue casino.

    Let's Briefly Go Over the Features of Roulette Assault:

    • Complete Automation - 250 Spins Per Minute
    • 4 Casino Gaming Platforms Currently Supported
    • Multiple Betting
    • Stop Loss
    • Trailing Stop Loss
    • Profit Goal
    • Wins Per Table
    • Time Limit
    • Sleeper System
    • 6 Point Divisor System
    • Double Dozen System
    • Progressive Single System
    • El Bandido Ruleta System
    • Foreplay Mode
    • History Recording
    • Analyzer
    • Custom Wagering
    • Automatically Calculate Progressions
    • Automatically Calculate Wagering
    • Auto-Restart if Stop Loss or Trailing Stop is Hit
    • Save Profile Settings
    • Reporting
    • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    This list looks and sounds daunting for anyone who has never played roulette or used any sort of roulette software, but rest assured, Roulette Assault is very easy to use. In fact, we have the entire instructions listed here.

    Furthermore, scroll down to see the benefits of each feature explained below!

    Complete Automation

    The best part about Roulette Assault is that it does ALL the work for you.

    Gone are the days of using your mouse. Now all you have to do is set it up and let it go.

    That's right. Roulette Assault is completely AUTOMATED.

    You can sit back and watch the cash roll in as Roulette Assault blasts away at the roulette table, spinning the wheel and placing bets at a rate of up to 250 spins per minute.

    That's right! You read correctly!

    TWO HUNDRED FIFTY spins per minute.

    Roulette Assault can work at phenominal speeds and increase your bankroll so fast that what used to take hours now only takes minutes.

    The best part is that you can play with extreme ultra-conservative settings using the Sleeper system, and never lose!

    Take note that Roulette Assault is limited by how fast your internet connection is and how fast your computer is. Roulette Assault can achieve spins as high as 250 spins per minute in "play money" mode, but averages about 120 spins per minute in real money mode.

    This is because in "play money" mode, the casino console is not getting its number from the casino server. In real money mode, there is constant communication between the casino console and it's host server.

    "I'm totally amazed by this software!! I can't believe's never happened before!!! "

    Sincerely....before you, I bought almost all other software for roulette...some works just for 20 minutes, and some don't work at all...I'm so surprised that yours really work well, and saved my bottom line 10 euro till now 50euro..I'm totally amazed by this software!! I can't believe's never happened before!!! Even only from 10 euro...because from beginning I just think about to try with the last 10 euro in the account....didn't really imagine it could save me till 50euro!!! I'm so are great!! Your system is much much much better than others!! And Thank you so much for your amazing software!!

    By the way, does this software will be updated every certain period? Because I don't know...maybe online casino sometimes changed the system?

    RA: We release occassional updates to the software whenever needed. You are notified of the updates the next time you run the software.

    I want to thank you again!! If you know how much money I lost before, I'd say...I really should catch your software earlier...then those thousand euros wouldn't be ashed away....!!!

    You have my best wishes!!!

    Best Regards,

    Multiple Betting

    Roulette Assault makes tracking all the betting opportunities on the roulette board a breeze, because it does all that for you!

    Roulette Assault has the ability to track place up to 77 bets, all the way from red/black to single numbers, and the choice is yours on how many of each bet type you want to place.

    Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss

    Much like the stock market, the Stop Loss is a mechanism to prevent losing your entire bankroll.

    If you get into a losing streak, Roulette Assault will alert you that your stop loss has been hit, and give you the option to continue or quit.

    Don't lose your ass! Let Roulette Assault keep your head above water!

    The Trailing Stop Loss is much like the Stop Loss, but as you make gains, it moves up from it's initial starting point.

    For example, let's say you start with a bankroll of $100 and you set your Trailing stop to be $20.

    If you start off and don't win anything, Roulette Assault will quit once your bankroll hits $80, but if you win $5 then your trailing stop loss would have moved up from $80 to $85.

    This feature is excellent for once you get your Trailing Stop Loss above your initial starting balance, because then you have nothing to lose.

    It's pure profit baby!


    Gain FREE Access To Roulette Assault Now!
    Use It For 48 Hours Completely Unlocked!

    Get Started For FREE And...

    • Earn The Price of Roulette Assault - Pay With Your Winnings!

    • Build Your Prefect Roulette Strategy Using Complete Customization And Analysis!
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    Profit Goal

    Roulette Assault allows you to set a limit on how much you want to win. Once that limit is met, Roulette Assault will tell you to quit.

    This helps you from getting too greedy in any given playing session and is one way the Roulette Assault takes the emotion out of gambling.

    Wins Per Table and Time Limit

    These two settings are another function to help remove the emotion from gambling.

    You can set how much you want to win during a session, and how long you should keep playing for.

    Once you meet either of these limts, you will be informed and told to quit.

    When you quit, generally you should take a break and relax instead of pushing forward using your emotions. It is all too common for players to get an a lucky winning streak and then lose it because they didn't call it quits soon enough.

    "I have made money back in one day that covered the purchase of the program."

    Thank you for your honesty when it comes to selling programs on the net. It is so refreshing in purchasing something that works. I have made money back in one day that covered the purchase of the program and my casino deposit of $300. Do you have a staking plan once you get over a certain bank roll e.g ($1000)at what point would I start increasing my bets from one dollar under the progressive stake.


    RA: Roulette Assault has the ability to auto-calculate what your staking should be for any size bankroll and wagering you have set. You can find this feature under tools - custom wagering.

    "I just wanted you to know that I love your software."

    I just wanted you to know that I love your software. I actually was using a conservative method of my own and with a lot of luck started with $14 and am now at $300. This was after loosing $2000 trying other systems that didn't work.

    Your Roulette Assault incorporates my betting style but monitors the entire board for more possibilities. I know that using your system, based on my winnings of just red and black bets, that I should make at least $1500 my first week and then start making 15,000 per week once I am able to increase my betting odds.

    Thank you for your hard work at developing this software.

    Wyoming, USA

    "You have a very satisfied and completely happy customer."

    I just wanted to send an email to say "thanks" for creating a wicked program, and that it actually does work.

    With saying that of course, your price currently of $87 is sooooo worth it, because again, the program really does work.

    I've used a couple other programs over some time, hoping it would be more of an edge then just 'playing' by my own means, but they've been a let down.

    Which I am happy and totally thrilled to send you the feedback, that you have a very satisfied and completely happy customer.

    All the best, and keep up the excellent work.

    Ontario, Canada

    Foreplay Mode - Sounds Sexy!

    Sexy it is! Foreplay mode allows you to play your favorite casino, in "Real Money" mode or "Play Money" mode, and test out your settings without placing any bets.

    It's a simple as checking a box, and you are done. Try it for yourself in the free trial that we offer.

    You should never place any wagers until you are comfortable with the system you are using.

    Foreplay Mode allows you to figure out what settings you should use for your casino.

    This mode is a feature in the automation module, since if you are running Roulette Assault manually, you don't need to place bets at the casino you are playing at.

    History Recording

    Roulette Assault has the ability to record all the previous spins that you enter and save them to your hard drive.

    You can then run these numbers through the analyzer to determine what settings you should be using with your casino.

    "$300 in one day, and I've never played roulette before in my life."

    I purchased the Roulette Assault this morning and opened an online casino account depositing $200.

    I started playing around 9:00 AM and since then I have palyed around 10 sessions at this one casino and at the time of me writing you this email, (9:30 PM) my account is now at $505.

    That's $300 in one day, and I've never played roulette before in my life.

    This software is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mississippi, USA

    The Analyzer

    You can access this tool in Tools - Analyzer.

    When you have "Record History" checked off, you can run Roulette Assault in Foreplay Mode and just collect numbers.

    In "Real Money" mode, you should be able to collect about 25,000 numbers in 4 hours.

    After doing this, you can open up the Analyzer and select the profile you want to analyze.

    The Analyzer will run the numbers based on the System you have selected and the Settings that relate to that system.

    You can tweak your settings and re-run them through the Analyzer to determine if what you have set up is good for your level of risk.

    Simply put, why place a bet when the Analyzer and Foreplay mode can do that for you?

    "This has helped out me and my family so much..."

    I just want to say thanks for the opportunity. I made over $700 my first 6 hours with this system, and today my second day I just made $1,500+ pure profit. This is no joke and it really works! But this isn't for everybody, the point is to not spend all of your bankroll and take it in small chunks, then when people got enough money in the bank then work on the big chunks!

    Over $2,000 in two days is more than some people make in one month after taxes. This has helped out me and my family so much, thanks and may God Bless You!

    Minnesota, USA

    Custom Wagering

    We would like to say that this is where the magic happens, but it doesn't all happen here.

    We will just say that this part is pretty magical.

    Custom Wagering allows you to break out of the default martingale settings.

    We have found that some people like to do a one - two - punch one a particular bet, so if they are using the sleepers, why not let them do that?

    If they lose the bet, then they have only lost a few bucks, but when the win, well.. you know what that means.

    The Custom Wagering was designed to be used with the Sleeper System, and has some unique features about it.

    First, you can modify the progression to your liking. That means that you can stop placing bets when you want, and you can quit when you want.

    Second, you can automatically calculate the progression based on a variety of variables.

    Third, you can automatically change your minimum wagers when a certain amount of chips are won, so then you can start winning more per betting opportunity.

    "This is definately worth every penny!"

    I have to commend you on such an excellent piece of software. It literally takes the thinking out playing the complex route in roulette. This is definately worth every penny!

    London, UK

    Automatically Calculate Progression Based on Variables

    This calculation relies on three things. Your bankroll, the table limits, and your current Wager setting.

    As your bankrolls grows from winning, Roulette Assault has the ability to increase how many wagers it can place in a given betting opportunity.

    For example, let's say you start with bankroll of $10, the table limit is $10 on the dozens, and you are wagering $1.

    Your progression would look like 1,1,2,3,Q, for a total of $7 possible wager. If you won $1, then your wagering would be re-calculated to look like 1,1,2,3,4,Q for a total of $11, because your bankroll grew from $10 to $11, and was now able to support the next level of wagering. (You may view the Instructions to get a better understanding of wagering)

    Naturally, this is optional, and you don't have to use it, but it does increase your chances of winning as your bankroll grows.

    This option is available in the Custom Wagering screen.

    "The Roulette Assault is absolute class"

    I would like to give an assessment on your page with a photograph right.

    The Roulette Assault is absolute class. Have of 100 euros to 204 euros in 4 days high played. SUPER, but perhaps a little too cheap. In Germany, would you for such Program about 300 Euros (460 dollars) and more. It go till to 1500 Euro ( 2300 Dollar )

    Hannover, Germany

    RA: Thanks for the suggestion, Herbert, but 1500 Euros is a lot for the average person to afford, and we have already made our gains, so there is no need to charge so much ;)

    Automatically Calculate Wagering

    Your minimum wager can be automatically increased during gameplay so that you can make gains faster.

    This works by keeping track of how many chips you have won, and once a certain threshold is met, your minimum wager is increased by a determined amount.

    This is optional, and a nice to have feature, but we recommend that you experiment in fake money mode to see if this option is right for you.

    This option is available in the Custom Wagering screen.

    Save Profile Settings

    All settings and adjustments are saved during the use of Roulette Assault. You don't need to worry about writing down what you had as that is taken care of for you.

    "I would like to use this as a long term approach and have this extra income for years."

    I bought the product two days ago with great suspicion, and to my great surprise it does do what the adds say.

    Please do not be offended by my surprise but as you are aware there are a great many fraudulent claims made about such products.

    Perhaps I could be cheeky and ask for some free advice. What would be an acceptable weekly winning amount before you attract too much interest from the casino as I would like to use this as a long term approach and have this extra income for years.

    Many Thanks
    London, UK

    RA: You shouldn't worry so much about the casinos catching on. If they are a reputable outfit, they will pay you. We have had clients win over $6,000 in one day, and have their withdrawls processed.


    Reporting allows you to see a history of your gameplay.

    It is accessible in the Tools menu, and shows how much you wagered on a given bet.

    This is good for analyzing what happened during the Analyzer tool, as that tool can process numbers at an extremely fast rate, making it hard to tell exactly what happened during the betting sequences.


    All right. Enough describing what everything does.. Let's Get Started!!

    How Do I Get Started?

    1. Download The Free Trial And Install It.
    2. Load Up Your Favorite Supported Casino, or Any of the Recommended Casinos
    3. Choose What System You Want To Use And Configure It To Your Liking.
    4. Hit Start And Follow What The Software Tells You!

    That's it! Within a few hours of playing you should have easily made enough money to purchase the software. If you need further assistance on how the software works, visit our instructions page.

    Essentially, you can get Roulette Assault for Free.

    Don't hesitate to get started. Act now while we still offer the FREE trial, because when it's gone, it's gone!


    Gain FREE Access To Roulette Assault Now!
    Use It For 48 Hours Completely Unlocked!

    Get Started For FREE And...

    • Earn The Price of Roulette Assault - Pay With Your Winnings!

    • Build Your Prefect Roulette Strategy Using Complete Customization And Analysis!
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    Important Information!!

    • Roulette Assault IS NOT ILLEGAL!
    • Roulette Assault Can Work In ANY Casino! (Full Automation in Playtech ONLY)
    • You Don't Need To Purchase Automation If You Don't Use Playtech Casinos!
    • You Can Use Roulette Assault Whenever You Want!

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    You have 60 whole days to use Roulette Assault as much as you wish. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the way it performs, you may simply contact the support staff at rouletteassault [at] gmail [dot] com, and we will refund your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.



    You are about to get instant access to the most versatile roulette software available.

    Many of the systems in this software cost more than $40 each for the non-automated version, so essentially, you are saving well over $150 at our low price of $49.95.

    When you purchase Roulette Assault, you will be sent a unique code to unlock the software.

    Your purchase will allow you to assault the online casinos and take their money hostage, all for a tiny one time fee of $49.95.

    To get started, simply click here to order at the limited time price.

    Note: ALL data and program files are stored here:


    Release Notes:

    November 6, 2009

    • Added downloadable casino graphics during automation wizard. You still have the option to let RA capture graphics.
    • Added "El Bandido Ruleta" system. This is the programmed equivilent of the Roulette Bandit system, but we added the ability to track Odd/Even bets, High/Low bets, and added more flexability to each system thresholds as well.
    • Added iGaming casino platform. These casinos are good for US players as they have a free spin option.
    • Added "Auto Restart if Stop Loss or Trailing Stop is Hit". This comes in handy if you want to automatically restart whatever system you are using if a stop loss is hit.
    • Fixed a bug in the Tools-Chip Values function.
    • Made automation stronger and faster.
    • Fixed some wager math bugs if using $.9 wagers or less.

    June 26, 2009

    • Various bug fixes (The Double Dozens interfered with calc's)
    • Freezing at 3% in the Automation Wizard. Wizard wouldn't work if there was a chip placed on the table.
      • RA needs to clear the table before it proceeds. This obviously won't work if in Real mode with a zero balance, but see next point.
    • Added "Chip Values" to Tools menu so you can change the values if you switch between real money and play money.
      • If you are trying to create a profile in real money with a zero balance, it won't work because of insufficient funds. Instead you can create it in play mode, then switch over to real mode and change your chip values.

    June 22, 2009

    • Upgraded User Interface
    • Added "Save Settings As" and "Load Settings" (File Menu) so User can tweak settings and save to file.
    • Double Dozens now does Rows
    • Double Dozens now has a Sleeper System
    • Fixed Progressive Singles bug - Could only bet on $1 wagers. Now can do Dimes and Pennies
    • Added Penny wagering
    • Improved Analyzer speed by giving the user the option to not show the Casino History as it analyses
    • Seperated out High/Low, Red/Black, Odd/Even from the Even betting so user can adjust High/Low settings for each bet
    • Removed the 0 (zero) from the Multi dropdowns as that wasn't necessary
    • Added Getting Started to the Help menu
    • Added Double Dozens to Custom Wagering
    • Added RealTime Gaming casino platform to RA automation ability
    • Added Vegas Technology gaming platform to RA automation ability

    You are about to get instant access to the most versatile roulette software available.

    Many of the systems in this software cost more than $40 each for the non-automated version, so essentially, you are saving well over $150 at our low price of $49.95.

    When you purchase Roulette Assault, you will be sent a unique code to unlock the software.

    Your purchase will allow you to assault the online casinos and take their money hostage, all for a tiny one time fee of $49.95.

    To get started, simply click here to order at the limited time price.

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